PSY 1102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Posttraumatic Growth, Panic Disorder, Fear Conditioning

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9 Nov 2019

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Friday, November 1st 2019
PSYC 1102
Perspectives on Psychological Disorders
Key elements: defining, understanding and classifying when it comes to psychological
Where does the line draw regarding a normality and a disorder?
He places emphasis on disturbances of cognition, emotional regulation and behavior.
View the imitation game on slide 8
To be indicative of a disorder a person needs to be in “distress”
In this case, think of the bell curve of normality and standard deviations.
Been difficult to cope with unusual behavior for the last millennium because there are so
many ambiguities regarding its reality.
Medical Model
Mind-body issue.
Madness is not a form of demon possession but an illness of the mind. Chain of
isolation, leading to freedom and speak their minds (Pinel).
This model places emphasis on the vocabulary used to describe the disorder and the
treatment used.
Biopsychosocial Model
Places emphasis on the social-cognitive perspective regarding personality.
May be due to the environment, culture as factors playing a role.
View slide 15 for model.
Made more accessible and comprehensible when it is organized, alphabetically, through
Doing so, can help with future of the disorder, suggest treatment options, find the root
The first step is to NAME the disorder then describe it. Remember that biases and
assumptions may play an influence here.
DSM-V (slide 18-19-20).
Categories are also important, and it must be reliable, identifiable from one professional
to another.
Generally, categories occur when doctors answer a series of objective questions about
behaviour that is observable. Inter-reliability among clinicians is important here along
with field trials.
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