Lecture 9

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Lecture 9 Social behaviour of female lions o Territory defence: territory defence can be quite vicious, they defend feeding territories, against other prides of lions. And they need large areas in order to feed the offsprings in their pride o They had models of lions, and produced playbacks of roars. Lions are good at estimating of how many roars there are at the same, so they can estimated the number of individuals coming in as a threat There is a variation in defence behaviour There are leaders: they approach playback first and more rapidly Laggards: lag enough for the leaders to get attacked, and the laggards avoid being attacked It was always the leader that was injured : leading is a risky behaviour Where does lagging come from? Altruism : groups of related individuals. But we dont see typical relationship we see with altruism. Individuals are consistently leaders or laggards, despite who they are with and how related they are. So is it reciprocal altruism? They mapped out leading and lagging phenomenon with playbacks o They randomly looked for pair of individuals alone, and if reciprocal altruism, then it should show prisoners dilemma. o Tit tat initially you should lead, but then you should stop if the companion isnt doing the same. The leader and laggard both always get to the speaker. It is not the case that anyone is defecting. So there is no evidence of punishment. So maybe the leader doesnt recognise that they are with a laggard, so this is different from individuals evolved through evolutionary time. www.notesolution.com
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