ENGA11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Signify, Breastfeeding, White Privilege

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1 Dec 2017
Wednesday, January 4th 2017
Lecture 1
Core theme of the class:
Ontology (study of the beginning of things) - how they come to mean and how they
begin and epistemology
Being wise is knowing why you know. Wisdom: What you’re able to achieve with the
information you know
Being intelligent: Is knowing things
One element of Post WWII: Knowledge is not inherent but is constructs which affects
reality. Can promote an action / decision which have real consequences
Going from many gods single god is one of the momentous change in history which
changed knowledge (what we wrote in books). It gave us some kind of vote and
freedom to believe what we want to believe, gave us hope (afterlife)
Age of Enlightenment: Made people see the world more as a clock rather than a
creation of God
Source: we see it as where something begins where we can’t take anything so we can
have a basis where we can take. Myth: when it can’t be explained (the unexamined
source that can be used to explain something)
Re-Source: Can be a problem is we see a source as a resource. Ex: we see earth as a
resource. (accumulating) Earth is THE source (interdependent - rivers, trees, etc)
Bill Dylan’s song: It’s harder to find the source for everything. Finding the connection
between one thing to another
Returning a resource source becomes garbage: It doesn’t serve it’s purpose
We’re a source looking for resource. Foundation = source but it’s weird to put a
foundation on a face
When looking at another self, we tend to look at other people as resource (vampiric)
Depression /anxiety is a sad source (we can’t find a source)
Write down what he says about truth*
We are the consumer at the age of depression. Selfie: ultimate collapse where the
relationship is with you / or how other people imagine you when they see you. We don’t
need the ‘other’ anymore - we can advertise ourselves (our brand)
Issue of importance runs through Western Culture
Post-True: Whether the facts feels right
Wednesday, January 11th 2017
Lecture II
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Calculation, ethics (based on
how we treat each other)
Sensations (something that
feels like it’s truth)
Advertising (?), desire
Scriptures, sacrifice
Quest, enforce,
You’re not really supposed to move out of your hierarchy because the ultimate goal is
to stay safe (does not really matter) 
In the modern world, we are not born into the world where we should be - we move
towards where we are supposed to be
If things are the way they seem, then how do you know ever if something is what is
Tree is a word, world = a symbol
Signified (world, the physical tree) and signifier (word, tree, symbol)
God = super signifier but is the only signified and signifiers without any divisions
Waiting for Godot is a play about nothing. No signs / signifiers, the characters don’t
know why they’re there, can’t really answer the question why
Post modern re-stating of Hamlet's “To be or not to be”: First line of Waiting for Godot:
“Nothing [to be] done
We answered Hamlet's question: To be = to do (being is doing). Doing the aspect of being, but
not entirely. Doing things signifies doing. We are signifiers looking the signified
Nothing done = to be, because there is nothing to be done
Chronic desire is in a sense energizing (we do things because we want it)
Waiting is an awareness of being brought on by an absence of doing (mortality) = waste of
The hat represents our strengths, our culture, etc.
Lucky probably used to be a poet but is now broken because of Pozzo (businessman)
Wednesday, January 18th 2017
Lecture III
Picture on phone
Product of a pattern of belief, experiential instead of provable
Believable perceivable: “I think, therefore I am” - left out the body. Proving he exists ignores
the body
Opening line of Godot (Estragon): Nothing [to be] done”
He blames the boot
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