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ENGB34 Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Emily Simmons

• What is a short story? ◦ It's a genre of literature. • Whats a genre of literature? ◦ Not all genres are clearly distinct. th ◦ Todorov – early 20 century Russian theorists. Said a new genre is always a transformation of one or several old genres. (It never appears out of no where, it's always linked to older genres) ▪ Movies – transformation from films – big screen – youtube ◦ Fowler – Genres can be made from pre-existing forms.Amix-and-match of pieces that are of a previous style. This is almost done UNCONSCIOUSLY – artists create new genres unconciously. Thus it's a combination of existing generic material that is small in scale and diverse in origin. • The work done in this class: ◦ it involves a retrospective assessment or evaluation – we look at short stories of older times and identity whether or not it really is a short story, what element does it have that makes it a short story etc. We then evaluate whether or not the short story is a good one etc. ◦ Finding the origin of short story • Genres ◦ Things in a media content may be different at different point in time. ◦ They're not fixed and eternal – they fluctuate over time ◦ classical extreme – every iteration of a short story is its own genre. ▪ Short story – is a genre. • Gothic is a sub-element of a short story, its also a common group in a short story. • Gothic as a category evolves over time from pre-modern, to modern, and to post- modern, and is still ever changing (feminist Gothic after post-modern – feminist-post modern-Gothic). • These are all actually genres. ◦ Jameson – all generic c
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