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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Michael Wells

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Lecture 8
oOn the didactic message
oOn the paratextual material
oOn the claimed social value of the text
oOn the truth claims of the text
Reading public
oShamela only works if youve read Pamela
Novel Definitions
oAnonymous Pamela was considered better than the Bible
oAccording to Johnson, bad characters were supposed to stay bad but what about Mr. B
Why Fielding wrote his book
oFelt upset about Richardsons hypocrisy
Shamela points to the dangers of SURFACE
oSurface appearances
Virtue = marriage (in Pamelas eyes)
But what about VARTUE?
Richardson calls himself an editor, not an author
oTo prove that Pamela is made up of REAL letters, not manufactured letters
Letters + time
oWriting to the moment
In Pamela its immediate; not much time for reflection
Pamela doesnt have enough time to edit her thoughts; she simply delivers raw
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oIn Shamela, there is immediacy to the extent of being foolish writing WHILE
pretending to sleep, while being molested, etc.
At the end, Mr. B wants to circulate letters
oAt Shamela theres a ghost writer who wants to publish a story Pamela wants to
change up what happens
How does Shamela parody the truth in Pamela?
Parson Williams tries to pass of Shamelas letters
oTickletext affirms that theyre true
Fielding makes fun of Richardsons projection of Pamelas age
oIts okay for Mr. B to marry Pamela because she has all this worth
For Pamela, virtue does equal marriage
For Shamela
There is a reversal of what happens
oShamela realizes early on that shell get to be his wife
oShe tries to set up the marriage
oShe starts increasing the deal on his end (Mr. B does this on his
own in Pamela)
oShamela already had a child with Parson Williams
For her virtue does not equal virginity
Nobody knows that shes not a virgin
oSurface appearance hidden meaning
For Shamela vartue is just a word
oThe word vartue to give her the lower-class speech
Actually reflects her low-class, which Pamela doesnt
ovartue is a meaningless word
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