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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Michael Wells

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Lecture 10
Belief that feeling could be just as important as religion
oWithout religion and God what are our moral standards set in?
Fielding wants to say that people can still have chastity and value without virginity
Importance of
oMorality in relation to Richardson (virtue) narrowly defined as chastity
oReading instructions on HOW to read
Clarissa virtue is rewarded in the afterlife
Fielding Tom Jones ending is a little slapped on
Joseph Andrews unites with Fanny at the end
oIts the journey thats really important
oDifference between surface and depth
Between telling and showing
In Pamela, when her father gives those didactic messages
Readers interpretation
Narrative control
oFielding is accused of buttonholing the reader and leading them around
Constantly engaging with the reader and telling them about what has happened
A great crime called “affectation”
oNot effected but affected
oActing things out
The Affected : Designed
oWe are being shown a lot but we need to read into it
Problem with Parson Adams wears his heart on his sleeve
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