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HLTC05 Social Determinants of Health Lecture 1 First image  Despite living in the same city / living environments, people living on the left differ from the right.  Ppl on the left- stone walls – more poor  Ppl on the right – condos, recreational areas  2 image  Of 3 girls- TF the first img is a consequence of the 2 image  All girls are the same age but diff statures.  Yes genetics could be a factor but a lot have to do w/ inequality and malnourishment o Ultimately its our social environment that affects our outcome. The social determinants of health are what accounts for our differences in health globally. Epidemiologic triad  Host  Pathogen  Environment Biotic environment Physical environment Social, economic, political structure All 3 of which, deal with human genetic, plastic and developmental system Influences of health  everything around you  Food  Education  Work environment  Living + working
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