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PSYC12 Lec2 notes

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Michael Inzlicht

Origin of Stereotypes PSYC12Lec 2 Discrimination when buying a new carHow would we study the existence of racegender discrimination in car buying get 4 ppl and have them go to various car lots have 4 ppl walk into the same lot at the same time and see who the salesperson addresses firstto make sure that this is about racegenderppl should be equally welldressed equally attractivebasically they should be equal on every possible dimension other than race 4 twin testersAgeAttractivenessEducationDressScriptsaying the same thing when they talk to the salespersonSame dealercarAyresSiegelman 1995 testers that were matched on every possible dimension who had a scriptwent to various car lots and asked them im interested in this car how much is itblack males are being offered initial quote is 20200 vs 19200doesnt make sense bc ppl who have the least money are paying the most for the same item not only is there an effect for race but also for gender Why would salespeople since most women dont know much about cars theAsk more money from women salesppl take advantage of this Ask more money from Blacks probably the salesppl were all white tended to favourwhite customers ingroup favourtism and not necessarily being biased towards blacks Movie TimeTrue ColoursAsk yourselfWhy does discrimination existWhy do stereotypes exist Origin of Stereotypes Cognitivebottomup involves inductive reasoninglooking at how the world is and trying to figure out what is similardiff and trying to come up with rules on how the world works
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