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David Perley

The Torah Etymology and Basic Meanings - Torah has 3 meanings: To throw or shoot, to water and to instruct. - Torah refers to the messages delivered by God to Prophets, usually in the form of a divine voice. Canonical Torah - Torah is a history of Divine Love for Israel and Israel’s inability to accept/respond to that love. - The theme is given in the first 11 chapters of Genesis, the prologue describing the origins of the world in God’s speech. - Adam and Eve  Cain and Abel  Noah’s Ark  Tower of Babel - The history of human rebellion foreshadows God’s relationship with the family of Abraham. - Genesis Ch. 12-36 describes various covenants sealed between God and Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). - One of these promises was the Promise Land of Canaan as the eventual dwelling place of the Israelite people (which is thematically the same as the Original Garden which Adam and Eve lived in). - However as the Torah unfolds, it’s clear that Israel is as susceptible as earlier humans to defy God. - Exodus starts with the enslavement of Jacob’s descendants to the Egyptian Pharaoh. - It then talks about Moses, a son of Hebrew slaves, and how he frees the Israelite people from slavery. - Moses brings the freed slaves to Mt. Sinai and concludes with a covenant-ma
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