SOCA01H3 Lecture Notes - Blue-Collar Worker, Meritocracy, Protestantism

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5 Dec 2010
Social Stratification = social inequality
One of the most studied things in sociology
Even children when they are youge recognize that some ppl have more and other
have less
Children notice it ± so you know that adult take it very seriously
± many sociologist see ± modern day social complexity ± a complex society ± as
being responsible for inequality
± not all sociologist except this view
± some conflict sociologist ± believe that politics are primary responble for
inequality - carl marx
± so when we say complexity ± we mean occupational complexity
± lets go back to hunter gathers ± division of labor
in these societies
first societies that we know of
the divison of labor: men hunters ± women gathers
inuit ± north west terrotiets in Canada ± when ppl get old ± particular
women ± ZDONLQWRDEOL]]DUGDQGGRQ¶WFRPHEDFN± because they feel
like a burden on the community
two fold division of labor ± male female tKDW¶VLW
division of labor is very simple
in these societies they share everything
nobody has more then anybody else ± in fact if anybody did try to
accumulate more then anyone else ± their will be moral outrage that
person would be kicked out
± in our society there are about 4000 ocucpatinal specializations
± some of these professions made more or less then others in relation ± and over
time this became historically acceptable
± if postal workers begin to make almost the same as teachers ± teachers make
poltical noise ± asking to raise their wages ± to restore the historical
relationship of occupational inequality
± ocupatations try to legitimize what they make ± by saying it take a lot of skill
to that occupation ± it takes a lot of training and qualifications ± legitimacy
Mosca ± is a theorist ± wrote a book called the ruiling class
Said that inequality is inevitable
Countries that try to impose it have ended up resorting to extreme drastic forms of
Stalin old soviet
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Mao ± china 40 mil dead due to famine ± not enough food was produce a
lot of ppl died
Cambodia ± south east asia ± Marxist ± killing field
Why is it inevitable ± society cant exist without politics ± at least not
modern society ± political organization ± means some sort of direction ±
forms of coordination and decision making ± societs are organized and
societies do the organizations ± you see organizations all over the place
Because they coordinate ± they have more power ± you cannot run large
organizations without inequality ± same thing applies to work
organizations ± what we say is that a hierarchy exists ± further up that
hierarychy goes ± the more power and authority you have the more money
you make ± more power = more ppl you control
(ii) INEQUALITIES OF POWER ± inevitable
mosca ± reaches a conclusion similar to anarachism
the political ideas that is sucipiscous of power ± and authority
bill (m)ayers ± is an anarchist ± GRQ¶WOLNHSROLWLcal inequality ± believes
that inequality is the source of all social problems
mosca ± says the same as anarchist ± onece you have politics then you
have inequality
leaders give order ± followers obey
power difrns are inevitable ± then inequality is inevitable
anarachist ± GRQ¶WZDQWSROLWLFV
takes a page from conflict theory
talks about essential human nature
Moscow says that human nature ± is self serving
Marx called it self interest
If you have power you will use it to exploit other
Many ppl have said that moscoe is too pessimistic is very dark
He is synihic ± a reacatiory ± a conservative
7KLVLVQ¶WTXLWHIDLU± Moscow has bits of conflict theory and functliccst
and theory
Conflict ± is lefiticst (liberal)
Marxist idea
Ppl are primarily motivated by self interest
Michels ± elites theoeirest ± concerned with ppl who run the show
Functialist ± is more conservative
Inequality is inevitable
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As diffierneces in labour become more complex ± differences in evuluvation
begin take place
Gives rise in differences in evuluvation and rank ± and this ends up creating
So stratification is the process by which ppl or categories of ppl (mostly
occupational) are ranked on socially differentiated characthersitics
± G7+(³%,*7+5((´2)675$7,),&$7,21
these are the elemtns of social strat
(i) WEALTH ± holdings in liquid and non liquid assets
rich women very rarely marry a poor guy
land ± non liquid
doctors /proffesors/dentists / white collar ± strat own bussines -
(iii) POWER
if you can determine the fate of other ppl ± important things that
happen to other ppl then you have power
politicians thus have the most power
(e) MOBILITY STUDIES ± examine how some ppl move through the social ladder
(up and down) ± social mobility
the starfiication systems are open ± not fixed
Canada has one of the highest intergenerational mobility rates in the
Main determinante of current job ± is their first job ± which is based
on their education
If you take a joe job ± a job out of university ± it could look bad ±
make sure your first job is the job you want
Creative bookkeeping ± creative resume keeping ± sometimes you
A good predictor of your job is also the job of your father or mother
(more so your father)
Sometime there are ascriptive factors
within 1 generation ± within a lifetime
quit high school ± take a semi skill job in a factory ± and after 5 years
of that you decide to go back to school ± this is in your life time ± get a
degree and become a lawyer
canada is a mobile society
Between generations
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