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lec 12-singer on abortion

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

lec 2 globalizatoin 1192012 84200 PM Internet hosts and international tourism and foreigh direct investem are all increasing between 1986 to 2006 evidenceMarshall Mcluah hes a GURU expert for coining the term global villagey The globe today is similar to the traditional societyo People are parochialpeople in the village thought the village is the whole world and dont see things beyoud the village Peter Laslett wrote the bookthe world we have losty The medieval England village have disappearedy This tells that the longest trip pppl made in the lifetime averaged 5 milesthis world has goneyThe sheet he showed y IV marterial cultureo such as communication economic activity and political instituitionsy DV symbolic culture o Aka global culturelanguage norms beliefy The argument dispute The world is heading to a single symbolic cultureo Note that communication is linked to political insititiona nd economic activity so the IVs are linked to each otherChange in material culture over time y Communicationtransportation technologyo Tools are seen as material culture how did transportation evolve o Look at land o First by walkingPpl in Africa migrate across the globe by walking That takes thougsand of years to complet They arrive at north America Most ppl believe the first arriver are the Asians who walk to here on ice bridge during last ice age where sea level dropps and let the land show
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