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11 cells can move, proteins in cytosol can move and interact with each other, vesicles also move from
different compartments in cell to cell surface
13 – know Golgi, endoplasmic and what they do
Secretion of cellextracellular matrix – so cells migrate by crawling along
Lysozomemembrane bound acidic compartmentdigestion of things cell
Endoplasmic reticulumrough ER has ribosomes docked there
Proteins translated into lumen – proteins into golgi apparatuswhere enzymes modify and sort proteins
into different vesicles, which then go to proper components into cell
Smooth ER where membrane components are synthesized
14 – vacuoletwo typesstorage unit where macromolecules stored – versus lysosome involved in
degrading etc.
Tonoplast is the membrane of vacuole
15 Cytoplasmspace outside of nucleus, including organelles
Cytosolaqueous part of cytoplasm
Lumen – aqueous part inside organelles
Nucleoplasmaqueous part of nucleus
18 – divide cell from extracellular space
Eukaryotic cells have membranes into even smaller compartments/organelles, where there are different
concentrations of ions, - compartmentalizations mean specialization of cell, of regions in cell
Between cytosol, organelles, extracellular environment
Membranes must be slightly different from each otherunique membrane so contents are unique
19 Plasma membrane
Nuclear membranelumen of ER and nucleus is the same
Rough ERcontinuous with smooth ER
Smooth ER
On right side from bottom up – Golgi apparatus, lysosome (containing acid hydrolases), vesicle,
mitochondrion (with two membranes)
20lipid bilayerbasic unit; fluid structure
Membrane proteinstransport proteins; receptors
21 – amphipilic – hydrophilic or polar head group (red ball)stable when interacting with water
molecules ; hydrophobic or nonpolar tail (thermodynamically stable to be tucked in interior of bilayer,
unstable when exposed to water or cytosol)
>>>22 Lumen
Vesicles deliever luminal phase to extracelluar
Some enzymes exist in lumen of the Golgi or cytoplasm, so will affect their final location
23 – spontaneously self-associate into bilayer
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