Second Section Lecture 5

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26 Mar 2012
Lecture 5 Mar. 15/12
Intracellular Compartments and Protein Sorting
Intracellular compartments
Half of cell volume
Degradation and synthesis of proteins, small molecules for metabolism
Not an organelle
Subcellular component with distinct function, usually membrane enclosed
Lysosome/vacuole (in plants): digestive enzyme
Golgi apparatus: modifies proteins and lipids
Mitochondrion: used for ATP synthesis
Nucleus: DNA/RNA synthesis
RER (rough endoplasmic reticulum): synthesis of various proteins
SER (smooth): phospholipid synthesis, detoxification
Endosome: endocytosis, absorbs other molecules by engulfing them
Peroxisome: used in various oxidative reactions
Polyribosomes: used for protein synthesis
Endomembrane system
Composed of endosome, peroxisome, ERs, Golgi apparatus, lysosome/vacuole
Involved in two main pathways:
1) Biosynthetic/secretory pathway
oProteins and lipid made in ER (biosynthesis)
oDelivered to other organelles (bio)
oHelps secreted proteins move out of the cell through exocytosis (secretion)
2) Endocytic Pathway
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