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Jean Jiang Nash

LECTURE Cell is compartment and has compartments within need to regulate composition of each compartment Overview of protein sorting Protein sorting to nucleus, mitochondria, peroxisomes Protein Sorting Movement of proteins within cell to different compartments o out of cell o into cell o Exocytosis and endocytosis In the diagram names of compartments you should know ER, peroxisomes, endosomes, lysosomes, mitochondria, nucleus. Should know how proteins get into each compartment what signal lets it in, and what All proteins being life in the cytosol translation of all proteins start in the cytosol except for the odd ones in the mitochondria and chloroplasts Protein sorting and protein synthesis 1. Post-translational process proteins fully synthesized in cytosol before sorting o After synthesis is done, then sorted o Rough ER ribosome docked on ER translating protein into lumen of ER o All proteins have ER signal sequence see 2 o 2. Associated with ER during protein synthesis o Not permanently attached to ER Gated transport through nuclear pore Transmembrane transport embedded in membrane each protein called translocators Vesicular transport both directions okay vesicles can move ***Only one way into green area through ER only way into this vesicle transport system Once in ER protein can make way to Golgi Gated transport Selective transport of macromolecules Free diffusion of small molecules (<5000 daltons) o Anything bigger needs to be carried through, and requiring a nuclear localization signal Nuclear import from cytosol to nucleus o On cytosolic surface protein fibres and the fibre baskets made up of nucleoporins rich in FG repeats (phenylalanine glycine?) makes coating
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