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Jean Jiang Nash

LECTURE 7 Feb. 1. 2010 Intracellular vesicular transport part 1 and Molecular mechanisms Each cisternae has different [enzymes] Remove or add sugars Proteins today all synthesize into ER lumen or Golgi has series of membrane stackspancakes there are resident proteins in each stack Vesicle tracking Synthesis of membrane lipids In the smooth ER Ceramide more minor component made in ER transported to other compartments in vesicles o Synthesized in ER, transported into golgi, where it is modified to produce Sphingomyelin Glycolipids sugars attached to fat happens in Golgi Found in luminal leaflet Likely to find in extraplasmic leaflet ? Do not need to memorize the chemical pathway Enzymes labelled in green in cytosol or are transmembrane membranes with acive sites in cytosol OCCURS IN CYTOSOL *** cytosolic leaflet will grow, Made by ER expansion o Plasma membrane expands lipids from ER o New lipids in cytosolic leaflet of ER Newly synthesized lipids inserted into cytosolic leaflet luminal leaflet a bit smaller not stable so some lipids in cytsolic leaflet flipped into other leaflet Rapidly flipped to other leaflet Scramblase o So random distribution in ER membrane By vesicular transport Asymmetry of lipid bilayer from LEC1 Synthesized on luminal face of Golgi Signalling These for lec1 Negatively charge on outside surface of cell cell is dying so important to maintain asymmetry Intracellular vesicle that fuse and deliver these lipids Delivery of randomly distributed lipids flippase at plasma membrane that grabs onto lipids like phsoptidyserine and flips them from outside to inside Flippase (ABC transport)
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