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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 notes

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Joseph Leydon

GGR323 - Environment populationenvironment relationship - improving natural environments - taking natural environment and improving on it - cut down trees - improve economic output - sell products from trees, etc - in Canada, all growth is secondary growth - not natural - driving force = capitalism and economics - changing carrying capacity - support more people at higher standard of living - extracting resources from land - applying technology to change natural environment - ignore failures of technology because clouded by success - ex. transportation - moved resources, connected economies, etc, but pollution is a problem - level of development measured by degree of environmental change - ex. lack of infrastructure, etc, would be seen as poor environment - improving sophistication of environment, standard of living, etc - perception of environment is different - ours is seen as well-maintained, etc - geographical context - need to think about it globally - related to change in carrying capacity - carrying capacity not distributed equally! environmental stress - challenge to natural assimilation capacity - in natural environmental system, theres no concept of waste - ex. when a tree falls, it becomes a resource for another animal, or it decomposes and recycles - ability for environment to absorb waste - humans put stress on environment that exceeds the amount it can absorb - humans put waste into lakes, more than it can absorb - solution = distribute more widely - put pipe further out into the lake - another example is industrialization - build larger chimneys, pollution goes higher and away - out of sight, out of mind - doesnt mean its not there, causes us to be reactive to it - more industrialization means more pollution distribution around atmosphere - change to environmental systems
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