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University of Toronto St. George
Matti Siemiatycki

Social Research Methods LectureJanuary 16 2012PaperOn how topics are studiedIntro why is the topic important and its significance to geographyThink about the methods that they useConcluding remarks what did you learn Lessons are supposed to be about methodswwwlibraryutorontoca and type the article name into the article tabDue February 13 2012Two epistemological positionsHow people understand their surroundings Positivism science provides the basis for the formulation of laws that explain human behaviour what do people dooOnly rigorous testing can lead to knowledgeoTheory generates hypotheses that can be testedoScience is value freeoDistcintion between science and normative statementsInterpretivism seek to understand human behaviouroCannot separate the researcher from the researchedoUnderstand human role in their own surroundingsoResearch should be action oriented research informs and shapes social changeInterpretivism why do people do this Cant really separate the researcher from the research research has to be action oriented there is some element that is pushing for change in one direction or anotherTwo ontological positionsOntology relates to how we understand the world around usObjectivism these patterns will go on whether youre involved in them or notConstructivist we create knowledge and understanding between usHistory of thought in geographyThe importance of geography for imperialism geographical societies ex Britain France and PortugalHow we understand the people and their places
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