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08How T cell receptor generated thorugh somatic recombination VDJ recombination and how TCR diversity generated T cell receptor How T cell develop in bone marrow then in thymus How they go thorugh step wise development defined by changes in cell surface expression CD4 CD8 CD44 CD28During development TCR rearranged and how T cells that express fnctional TCR at surface go through stepspoisitve and negative selections What happens to T cells that went through selectionescape thymus24 of T cells escape thymus AT periphery scan HMC peptide complexes at surface of antigen presenting cellsif encounter foreign antigen for whcih enough affinity build up response proliferate differentiate Naive T cells circulate through blood vessels enter lymphoid tissues by specialized HEVs Gree T cells going through structure of LN encouter lot of different APCsGreen cells scan peptides at surface of DCs do not receive sufficient signalling to get activated eventuallly exit the structure go back into circultion Green received survival signals from selfpeptide Blue encounter antigen presented by APCwith enough affinitystart to proliferate get activated lose ability to circulate through the structrue of LN and later regain ability to traffick through LN exit reach site of infection Different protein protein interactios that allow T cell to go from blood into secondary lyphoid tissues T cells circulating very fast through bloodcrawl between endothelial cellsrequire specific interaction btw molecules expressed at surface of T cells and of endothelium Rollingmolecules called selectinsallow T cells to slow downSee figure 95 in text Naive T cells express high levels of CD62 ligand Activationchemokines produced by endothelium or underlying cellsinvolves specific chemokin receptors expressed by T cells Become activated when contact CCR7 expresed on T cells CCL21 is the chemokineAdhesionintegrinsinteractions stop T cell at surface of endothelium T cells crawl in btw endothelium cellsfollow gradient of chemokinego where more chemokine produced Interaction btw Ig superfamily members and ligandsICAM 1 2 3 and LFA 3 are IMPORTANT TO KNOW DCs are very efficient antigen presenting cells
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