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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
M.A.Pouls- Wegner

Lecture #19 November-19-12 2:05 PM Important Points: Today's Topics:  The Middle Kingdom  Second Intermediate Period  The Early New Kingdom Lecture Topic: The Middle Kingdom During the lecture, take notes here. Insert a sub-page for each lecture topic.  Dynasty 13 ○ Continues rule from Itjy-tawy  But many short reigns  Did office "circulate"? (S. Quirke) ○ Last 50 years --> gradual decline  (Neferhotep I --> Nile floods no longer recorded ○ Sobekhotep IV --> Signs of revolt in Nubia  Egypt eventually loses control  Pulls back to Buhen, then Aswan  Kingdom of Kerma expands ○ EGYPT DISINTEGRATES ONCE MORE Lecture Topic: Second Intermediate Period • Fragmentation ○ Early Dynasty 13 --> reign of Ithi-Tawy/Memphis ○ Towards end of Dynasty  New set of rulers (independent) in Western Delta □ (several independent kinglets) □ Especially Xois □ Also: Avaris - Asian population - is developing into improtant trade center □ (=Dyn. 14; c.1773-1650BCE) ○ Dynasty 13 --> refuge in Thebes?  Last rulers attest only to Abydos and Aswan • The HYKSOS ○ (Other?) Foreign kings (Egyptian heqau-khasut = "Rulers of Foreign Countries"  Take charge in Eastern Delta (=Dynasties 15 (-16?)) ○ Origin disputed --> commonly: Amorites  Egyptologists: "Asiatics" (generally means the Syrians) ○ Archaeological evidence --> gradual take-over  INFILTRATION RATHER THAN INVASION  Movement into Egypt due to migration of Indo-Arian peoples into their territories in first half of 17th century BCE □ However: final take-over aided by superior Military Technology:  Horse-drawn chariot (--> later used to impressive effect by the Egyptians of the NK)  More powerful Composite Bow, and others • The Hyksos Kingdom ○ Asiatics settled in Eastern Delta during MK  Cult center for Baal at Avaris/Tell el-Dabaa □ Identified with Seth  Trading emporium for commercial ventures □ To become Hyksos capital ○ First entirelyforeign dynasty  But present themselves as Egyptian  Throne names compounded with Ra ○ Some "Asiatics" in office of kingship already in later dyn. 13--> Khendjer + Aamu  Pyramids at Saqqara! □ (Aya --> buried at Avaris!)  Also: large number of Asiatic slaves • Dynasties 15-17 ○ Hyksos officially claim ALL of Egypt and regions of Palestine ○ But allow dependent kinglets (nominally) as cassals ○ --> Notably:  Theban rulers of later Dyn. 17 ○ Dyn. 16  Manetho = "lesser Hyksos" □ --> such cassals?  Contemporary with Dyn. 15 ○ Dyn. 15's Khian --> monuments from Bubastis (Delta) to Gebelein, South of Thebes, UE  --> ruled entire country Hyksos objects at Knossos/Crete NMC 101 - Land of the Pharaohs Page 1 ○ Hyksos objects at Knossos/Crete  (famous bull-leaper scenes from palace at Auaris --> early 18th Dyn. --> suggest direct contacts at least then) ○ Also Baghdad, Hittite Bogazkoy, Carthage, and Spain  Some due to trade (?)  (But_ Royal Scarabs all over Syria-Palestine --> definite presence ○ Nubia --> Trade up to Kerma / 3rd cataract ○ Just south of Aswan  Independent Nubian principality  Pan Grave Culture --> tombs up to Assiut --> recognized Hyksos rule  Later support 17th Dyn. • Dynasty 17 ○ Hyksos seem (originally) universally accepted  Year 33 of last ruler, Apophis:  Theban scribe copies mathematical papyrus Rhind without reference to Theban Dynasty □ Theban ruler called "Prince of the southern city" ○ But Ruling Family --> extend influence north to Abydos ○ Names reflect links with MK:  Sobekemsaf, Mentuhotep, Intef □ (trying to continue where they left off or are in fact descendants?) As in 1st IP --> some Provincial Art Styles ○ ○ But also commitment to preserve scientific and literary works of earlier periods  Various only in copies from that time: (p=papyrus) □ pRhind (Mathematics) □ pEdwin Smith (Medicine) □ (pPrisse) Instructions of Ptahhotep and Kagemni • Seqenenre-Tao and the Ahmosides ○ Seqenenre Tao revolts against Hyksos Apophis  Ramesside story □ "The Quarrel of Apophis and Seqenenre" (WKS, 69-71) □ Claims Hyksos king taunted Thebans, goading them to attack □ Seqenenre's mummy shows was killed in battle ○ When son/brother (?) Kamose takes over  Thebans as far north as Cusae (north of Assiut) • "The Quarrel of Apophis and Seqenenre" (WKS, 69-71) ○ "… it was his wish to send an inflammatory message to king Seqenenre … Let there be a w[ithdrawa;] from Hippopotamous mars
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