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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
M.A.Pouls- Wegner

Lecture #10 Lecture Topic: Duringthe lecture,take notes here. Insert a sub-page for each lecture October-15-12 topic. 2:03 PM  Homework: Important Points: Lecture Topic: Kingship Recap During the lecture,take notes here. Insert a sub-page for each lecturetopic.  Reigningpharaoh= link betweenhumansand gods  Had to maintaincosmicequilibrium --> maat= "CosmicOrder, Justice, Righteousness"  --> ward of enemies of Egypt = Chaos (isfet)  In later periods(NK onwards) --> Cults of livingrulers --> first abroad --> then in Egypt  King or God? ○ BUT:  King not above Maat--> tied to it  Divineattributes gifts from / dependent on gods  Was netjer nefer, "the perfect(ed)god"  Had to "renew"and "prove"his powers after 30 years in Sed-festival  Yet, madeout to be "superhuman"(using these…:) □ Myths □ Names □ Insignia □ Architecture □ (used to underline status)  The RoyalTitulary ○ Five elements:  (1) Horus □ =embodimentof Horus on Earth □ Often politicalprogram  (2) Nebty □ =(protectedby) The Two Ladies □ (=goddesses and crownsof UpperandLower Egypt)  (3) (Horus of) Gold □ Debated;perhapsrelates to culticcenterof Seth,Nubet = Ombos(Eg. Nebu = "Gold") □ Otherwise,divinenature(--> flesh of gods = gold…)  (4) Niswt-biti= DualKing □ Of Upperand LowerEgypt □ Stresses politicalinstitutionof kingship □ Prefacesthrone-name □ Givenat accession Egyptiankings haveown name,butwhen come to throne they get  May express political program throne name □ Often (esp. NK) compoundedwith "Re"  (5) Sa-Re= Son of Re □ Direct descent from sungod,Re  Legitimateruler □ Prefacesbirthname (nomen) □ Foundmost commonlyin secondary literaturee.g Amenhotep;Thuthmose, etc…  ThumoseIII's explanationof his titulary ○ Egyptianinterpretationof titulary (18th Dynasty) ○ Givesexplanationof WHY he is calledthat ○ Meaningto namesand Egyptianstried to grasp it  Instructionsof ThutmoreI to Turi,Viceroy of Kush ○ Wasn't bodilyson of predecessor, may have felt the need to justify
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