Lecture 1

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE 1September 9 20091 Geography11 Egypt as The Gift of the River NileSits on boundary bw cooler temperate Mediterranean and hotter tropical beltsPart of the great African desert zoneextreme heat aridity and wind almost rainless climateEgyptians distinguished Kemet The Black Land the irrigated and sown land the cultivatedlandEgyptDeshret The Red Land the desert also foreign chaotic landsModern word Egypt derives from Arabic Qubt which is derived from GreekEgypt is a longnarrow land to the Egyptians its also The Two Lands tawyLower Egypt DeltaCairo to Mediterranean160 kmUpper Egypt NileAswan to Cairo720 km 12 The Importance of Geography in the Egyptians MindRegular flow of the Nile Two main sourcesWhite Nileflows through Lake Victoria in Uganda Blue Nileflows from Lake Tana in Ethiopia two Niles meet at Khartoum in Sudan the third branch is AtbanaAnnual Inundation MonsoonRainy season in Ethiopia in June resulting floodsfirst seen in Aswan at the end of Jun
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