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Huntington lecture

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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

Jan 24, 2011 POL201 Democratic Transitions HUNTINGTON lecture FIRST WAVE caused by modernization democracy arose from revolution U.S., Britain and France SECOND WAVE After WW2 Japan, (imposed democracies) Decolonization (formation of new countries) THIRD WAVE April 1974 Portuguese dictatorship was overthrown (it was never a democratic country before) Portugal was split and plagues by coups Spread democracy for 3 decades (after 1974) By mid-1980s democracy spread to Asia Where military was doing good, democracy was delayed Fall of Berlin wall and end of cold war important to Asia? Cold war was fought all over the world (proxy wars) World was divided, many of these proxy wars were fought in Africa Ex. War in Angola 1974 as a result of the coup in Portugal. Portugal gives up Angols (its colony) then the rebels started fighting against one another. The group who won was socialist who was getting help from USSR and Cuba South Africa: Angola is a security threat cause the government was communist so they joined the war. Then the U.S. gets involved on their side and got involved in the war. The local became a site for global war (Cuba sent thousands of people to Angola, the U.S. sent CIA in Angola)
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