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6 Apr 2011
oSet goal (most people romance, weight, smoking, drugs, school, sleeprepeat)
Motivation is contained within person; willpower needed
Source of motivations:
oextrinsic (outside self), intrinsic (within self)
ointrinsic: doing for sake of doing or for meaning
purest form; ex kids purely enjoying, discover passions
meaning: go through calc to do psych
self-directed and self-sustaining-> greater persistence and more disciplined
goal pursuit
ocontinuum of motivation
external regulation: sufficient rewards, punishments, authority command,
social pressure, etc (ex with 1 million; 50 million; 100million $; once the
reward structure set, motivation gone as well) (ex 2 kids playing with marker
for star sticker; without sticker, no motivation, changed attribution and
meaning of behavior) (ex robot toy; short term, both groups obey, but ones
who dont play with robot toy later on is the one who are asked to, not
introjected regulation: partial internalization of reward/punishment:
contingent self-esteem, ego punishment
identified/integrated regulation: personal valuation and importance,
integration with values, life goals, self-esteem
intrinsic regulation: doing for the sake of doing
own the goal
oautonomy-strengthening exercise: why did you choose this goal, what does it mean to
you, why is it important, what other long-term goals does it relate to
owhat do you enjoy about it, can you make it more meaningful (eg exercise to run a
marathon to raise money for cancer)
ocan you make it more enjoyable (eg instead of perfect exercise routine, most fun
instead of smoke break, do something fun for same amount of time)
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