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Lecture 2

PSY230H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Reaction Formation, Personal Unconscious, PreconsciousPremium

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Amanda Sharples

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Lecture 2
Psychoanalysis: Freud and Jung
1. Sigmund Freud
Born 1856 in what is now the Czech republic and passed away in
England 1939
He lived in Vienna, Australia during most of his lifetime and spend his
early education and career in the medical field.
Then he started a private practice focusing on the topic of nervous
- Hysteria: a broad diagnose typically given to women exhibiting a
wide variety of symptoms.
o He thinks that the causes of hysteria is related to traumatic
events that might have occurred in early childhood.
o He thinks what is really going on with these people is that
they were repressing the trauma, which means the patients
mind actively bury this particular memory at the moment of
the trauma in their unconscious so that they cannot access
and one way to possibly get access to those memories is
through hypnosis.
- System of psychotherapy that focuses on uncovering the
unconscious material responsible for a patient’s disorder.
- There are 3 types of psychoanalysis:
1. Free Association
2. Dream Interpretation
3. Language and symbolic behavior
- He argued that dreams were a form a wish fulfillment that the
ultimate goal is to seek pleasure and desires, anything that makes
you feel good. (Ex. Sexual behaviors)
- Objects that appear in dreams can be symbolic, which might be
more personal than universal.
- House body
King father
Water birth
Tree male genitalia
Balloon Male erection
Cave female genitalia
Psychosexual Development theory

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- Oral often through breast feeding by mother
Oral fixation: one that’s either neglected or over-feed could
develop this symptom, which are manifested as nail biting, smoking, oral
sexual practices, alcoholism, etc.
- Anal
Anal retentive: obsessively tidy, punctual and respectful to
Anal expulsive: messy, disorganized and rebellious
- Phallic
Start being obsessed with their genitals.
Being sexually attracted by their opposite sex parent
Girls could develop penis envy, wondering why didn’t they have
a penis.
- Latency
Do not show any sexual interest and start be behave by
understanding morality in society.
- Genital
Sexual impulses return and started to develop attractions to
opposite sex individual.
Theory of the self
- Topographical: the first theory that Freud proposed
Unconscious: the memories that is repressed and very hard to
get access to
Pre-conscious: the info that wouldn’t be very hard to get access
to (eg. Name, Phone #, etc.)
Conscious: the info that you have immediate access to
- Structural
ID actions are based on pleasure principle and wish fulfillment.
(Pleasure seeking)
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