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Lecture 7Professor noticed that the number of students attending her lecture is dropping each week and shes sad good multiple choice truefalse question Biological Diseases Non Transmissible Diseases Hard to determine which one of these diseases is environmental related Many are environmentally related and others are notCardiovascular diseases can be environmental related to everyday stress or smoking or air pollution and can be due to foodCancer is also in the same boat and have many factors from the environment that causes health problemsDiabetesAsthma are related to diseases in our environmentTransmissible DiseasesInfectious agents bacteria viruses protozoaBacterial disease are not difficult to cure and we have antibiotics one of the biggest discoveries thof the 20 centuryOn the other hand viruses are often immune to antibiotics When one has the flu the doctor often does not prescribe antibioticsMany bacteria do not react negatively to antibiotics and continue to thrive Why o Due to the overuse of the antibiotic making bacteria resistant evolution adaptation o Some of us ingest antibiotics without knowing How Through food For example antibiotics are injected in livestock so they grow faster This meat is consumed by humans and the antibiotics enter our body o Bacteria have a very high reproductive rate and can change genetically rapidlyBacteria o Tuberculosis Anthrax Brucellosis Different forms of plaguesViruses o HIV SARS Bird Flu Smallpox West NileBacterial Diseases all environmentally related due to the social life of the person attaining the diseases and etcTuberculosis tho Very common in the past esp 19 century o Thought to be due to vampires o When the real cause of this disease was discovered there was no cure o In 2004Almost 146 million chronic active TB cases16 million deaths related to TB89 million new casesMostly occurs in developing portion of the world due to the very inefficient health care system and the quality of life
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