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Monica Boyd

th Lecture 3, 27 September 2012 System hierarchy usually refer to higher statued man and lower statued women Review: Refugee-informal defn as ppl in flight, informal migrants;administrative defn as list of categories UHHCR recognizes;formal defn as appears in1954 convention used in refugee deter nation process Major general questions for September 27, 2012: How is the process of resettlement different for women and men who are “in flight?” What happens to women in camps in terms of resettlement? Let’s begin by discussing the three “options” for people in camps. What are the three? What does UNHCR and many countries prefer? In refugee camps, are among the most vulnerable; 1)poor resource (gender stratification in origin country), resources given to man and so man are more likely educated, women in camp are often under-educated or not educated, but education is important as it gives ppl the mastery over environment 2)little physical protection-absent males (protection from brother to sis, father to daughter, husband to wife) &poor camp design(hot weather and girls being raped) 3) also denied full participation in decision making ;access to food distribution and education 4)may lack proper documentation that increase denied resettlement 5)rape,abductionand used as "wife";bartering sex; Www. In refugee camps, 1)preferred solution -voluntary repatrition(eg return); "home" this notion of identity is very powerful, a spot u know society, neighbors, family, no need to struggle,powerful drawback for ppl -e.g. Origin--host 2)integration in local host country, only small portion really resettled in host country, mainly 2nd generation born in the camp (refugees in camps are always waiting to give food, oil, education, job...being very passive and unmotivated) 3) resettlement to third country(e.g Canada) Two ways of "refugees" getting into Canada 1) selected from outside Canada enters. With appropriate visa -see 2) show up at border(claim refugee status=refugee claimant), show up at Pearson airport, naiagra fall Resettlement in Canada from outside Gender issues are central to gets resettled to Canada -women and girls are at least 50% of refugee pop -higher in camp -underrepresented in 3rd country settlement, coz underrepresented as clainment candidate , has less money to travel to Canada , more vulnerable more danger on the journey to Canada "run for ur life's"-CBC videos Resettlement in Canada, why women under-represented? 2 reasons 1) selection from abroad, suitability, adapbility issues a)gender stratification -low edu, kids b) gender startification -not important 2 who gets to Canada as claimant? a)Women not as likely -gender norms, more dangerous on journey to Canada, in generally, prevailing in migration sent out women first to migrate, family would also sent man first for refugee clainment Who is "selected"for resettlement? "Normal"protocol: Selection from abroad, could use criteria of "suitablity" What is Suitablity? = can make one's way , we don't want everyone, choose who has better chance to earn livelihood in Canada , not somebody expected to depend on govt support entire life How to achieve this outcome: add admissibility criteria: Education, language skills , work experience, likely income etc. Ppl who are potentially suitable for Canada has characteristic in terms of language, edu level, competent Likely outcome? women are not as Likely to be selected to resetle by UN standard, even they meet the 1954 convention defn by UN Result:Man do predominant in resetlement to 3rd country like Canada Gender refugee settlement - Gender as an organizing principal How to recognize these gendered outcome? How to remedy inequality Equality: state of being equal: have rights treatments quantify or value equal to all others in a specific group; no gender discrimination, equal opportunity As men Equity: sth that is just, impartial and fair, sustain equitable by taking special steps for u. E.g for parallel ppl, built ramps for their acess into building, enrollment in uni not based on age, sex, race,, healthiness Gender mainstreaming can be seen as a solution? What is it – does it have another name? What is equality and what is equity? Can you give an example of each? Gender-based analysis(gender streaming) is a process that assesses the differential impact of proposed and/or existing policies, programs and legislation on women and men. Central purpose Gender-based analysis challenges the assumption that everyone is affected by
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