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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes

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Lecture 7
Nationalism as a civil religion
Celebration of the nation state, just like religion celebrate Christ, etc.
Nationalism has a very strong hold on ppl, just like religion
Some ppl see nationalism as a replacement for religion. there is a pattern wherein religion decreases
interest, however nationalism as an ideology increases.
This suggests...
Nationalism fills a value vacuum
It seems to him that you can have a high degree of religiosity and nationalism like in US.
Something that Gellner said.....
There are literally no cases of countries from the south hemisphere colonizing countries from the north.
There is always that relationship in economy, sending stuff back to the mother country and buys stuff the
mother country makes (just like it says in the book).
Psychology; pride in being a colonizer
Colonialism and Orientalism
Superiority and inferiority
Frantz Fannons Classic
The wretched of the earth (from first line of The Internationale; anthem of intl communist movement)
aimed at all the colonies of the world, specially for North African.
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Sartre; agrees that book is a call to revolutionary violence by oppressed.
The need for Violence
Fannon; it is only through violence that colonialized ppl can overthrow their oppressors, and declare their
sense of worth.
The effect of colonialism on aboriginals in Canada
Canada has no nationalism, cuz there was never any violence (violence may indeed be very important).
Aboriginals; comparable to what Fannon refers to in Wretched of the earth.
Residential Schools
Racialization; imposition of certain racial distinctions
Payed for by the government, due to treaty with aboriginals.
Schools had a religious sense to them, kids were taught to try to be (couldnt; they were redskins) like
Christians whites. Taught that their heritage was primitive, unacceptable and shameful.
A long history of Racialization
Canadian government realized the mistakes and apologized. They clearly messed up with several
generations of aboriginals
The present day outcomes
Aboriginals do much worse than others in education,e tc....1981-2001; significant increase in educational
Imperialism and Capitalism
So why where empires trying to colonize? Relation to Capitalism; Marxist economic theory; imperialism
necessary by product of capitalism.
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