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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Steve Hoselton

10/01/11 SMC219Y1S – Mass Media Medium (Latin) – the word itself does not specifically mean radio/television/etc. It means halfway point; instrument, a tool, a channel. A Question: Define the area of pertinence of medium and use it in this way… Abstract nature of Medium – it can be a form o Sonnet – words put together; a form (abstract) Something between you and that object (abstract/concrete) is a medium. Human Involvement/ Human Creation o Media is human creation by “involvement”. How humans intervene with something is through media. Ex) straw Middle of WHAT? – of ourselves and the external world o External world = natural world; not untouched o In the external world, there is already a world of media created by others like us – thus there is a collective world of media o Extinction of medium for one thing, can be turned into something else – reinvented/reinterpreted We are surrounded by media o Media – human creation (can be anything) o Communication – specialized media N. Frye: elaborate and clear of human creations: human beings have concern of concerns. The two books he wrote: o Words with Power o Double Vision Media: tool of perception o We re
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