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Week EIGHT Social learning theory: - People start with a cleam slate - The relatishionship we have with people around us influence our behaviour - Values and motivation that promote crime are part of the normal human learning processes Differential association: - Crime was political in nature. The will of the powerful versus the will of the poor - Criminal behaviour is learned (motivation for engaging in crime and the techniques of how to engage in crime - Person becomes deviant when they experience more favourable than unfavourable definition - The biggest influence in your life comes from the people you associate with less by media - The definitions vary according to frequency. Duration, intensity and priority. - A social network of a person usually has 15 to 25 people. According to social analysis, we would look like at the people part of the peoples network to determine if they would engage in a certain behaviour or habit (marijuana). Frequency how frequently you interact with the people who smoke, durationpeople you know the longest will have the greatest impact on your life, intensity how emotional you are attached or close to that person, priority how you rank them, related to duration - When we are measuring differential association we have to keep in mind these 4 factors. - Critiques argued that there are no subcultural values - Pro crime values, by gang membership. (Different rationalization when youre looking a different subculture. Differential reinforcement theory:
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