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Anthropology 1025F/G
Sherry Larkin

WHAT IS PROGRESS Progress the idea that human history is the story of a steady advance from a life dependent on the whims of nature to a life of control and domination over natural forces RobbinsLarkin 200743thstThe death of a way of lifenomadic hunters and gatherers died out In the 20 21centuriesHuman Evolution AustralopithecineLived 2 million to 4 million years agoHomo sapiens sapiens100000 yearsFood ProductionBegan in the Middle East about 10000 years ago and in MesoAmerica a bit later but in the same general timeframe Wheat and barley in middle east corn potatoes in MesoAmerica AGE OF EXPLORATION thBegan in the 15 century with the Portuguese 1488 southern Atlantic coast of Africa and went around the Cape of Good Hope 1490s established trade with India 1492 Columbus landed in the Americas 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas WestSpain EastPortugalThen along came the Dutch English and French SpanishMexicoPeruDutchCape of Good HopeNorth AmericaCaribbeanIndonesiaFrench North AmericaBritishCaribbean Africa AsiaFur Trade in North America began with the dutch but French and English soon joined in
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