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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

1Chapter 7 Personality and ExerciseResearch Objectives of the Study of PersonalityAre certain personality attributes antecedents to physical activityexercise participationDo certain personality attributes develop as a consequence of physical activityexercise participationPersonality DefinedUnderlying relatively stable psychological structures and processes that organize human experience and shape a persons actions and reactions to the environment Individuals unique but consistent psychological makeupStructure of PersonalityAccording to Hollander 1967Personality CoreDeveloped from early environmental interactions from infantIncludes perceptions of external world and self basic attitudes values interests and motivesReflective of who we are least amenable to changeFoundation of personalityTypical responses to situationsFairly predictable behaviours and reactions to our environmentEg Outgoing person very engaging introducing herself before classRolerelated behavioursVariable daily behaviours influenced by the context we are inMost easily changedand most influenced by the environmentApproaches to the Study of PersonalityBiological theoriesDispositionaltrait theoriesLearningsituational approachesConstitutional TheorySomatotypesMore recent biological theory of personalityIndividuals possess certain body types or somatotypes that predispose behavioural consistencyEctomorph tense introverted inhibited socially restrained tall lean linearityEndomorph affectionate sociable relaxed plump fat roundMesomorph adventurous dominant aggressive risktaking athletic build inverted triangleExhibit 71 page 182PersonSituation DebatePerson perspective or trait approachPersonality is derived from stable enduring attributes that lead to consistent responses over timesituationsSituation ApproachBehaviour is best explained by individuals reaction to environment
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