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Psychology 2080A/B
Doug Hazlewood

TenNonexperimental Research Part 2Survey Research First step in conducting a questionnaire is to establish a purpose Social Desirability a tendency of participants to choose a certain option even if it contradicts their tendency or true opinionVerification key a collection of items on a questionnaire designed to detect dishonest answersAcquiescence the tendency to agree with a statement on a questionnaire regardless of its contentVisual analogue scale a question that marks a response by drawing a line between the minimum and maximum values of a statementLikert scale a question that asks for a rating of the extent of agreement or disagreement with a statement a rating scaleBranching items a set of questions that enable the respondent to move through a survey in different ways depending upon the responsesResponse rate in survey research the percentage of individuals in the sample who return the completed surveyHaphazard sample population subgroup for whose selection the researcher uses hitormiss methodsPurposive sample a nonrandom sample that is chosen for some characteristic that it pos
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