AR 104 Lecture 2: AR104 Lecture 2

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4 Feb 2016
AR104-Lecture 2- Divine Worship in Festivals and Daily Life
Greek Art:
Statue of Zeus- so large, hardly ts in museum.
oRepresents how large the god actually is
Evidence present from earliest form of Greek writing that some familiar
gods were worshipped as early as Mycenaean times (ca. 1500-1200
Most evidence is focused around the 5th century BCE (500-400)
oAlexander the Great
Origin of he Olympian gods:
Major Olympian gods (12)
Hades (god of dead) is an Olympian but did not live on Mount Olympus
Children of Cronus and Rhea are:
oZeus, Hestia, Hades, Hera, Poseidon and Demeter
Roman Analogues to Greek gods:
Most greek gods have analouges to roman side
Romans amalgamated some greek myths to their own divinities and
cover a similar theological space.
oArtemis & Diana for hunting
Romans also had some gods of their own
Basic Terminology:
oStory about the gods
oBelief in many gods
oBelief in one god alone
oThe polytheism of pre-christian Greece and rome
oFull assortment of gods and goddesses
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