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Lecture 17

BU121 Lecture 17: Campus Recruiting Fundamentals – Guest Visit

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Laura Allan

Campus Recruiting Fundamentals – Guest Visit Campus recruiting  Timelines and cycles  Processes  Third party relations  Audience  Sampling (coop, internship, summer)  Costs Campus Recruitment Audit  An assessment of all aspects of your campus recruitment efforts, resources, and history 25 Point Assessment  Executive level buy in  Strategic recruitment plan  Etc.… Employer Branding and Your Employer Value Proposition  What is your selling point?  Selling careers  What is the opportunity?  Why would people want to work for your company?  VP: “Banking can be this comfortable”  Big comfy chair  EVP: “Get comfortable with your career”  Add value, comfortable environment, be yourself, growth Talen Attraction in 2 Steps  Tell an authentic and engaging employer brand story, unique  Attract the right target audience to hear it - Attract, motivate and retain - Why do they want to work for you and not another company? Employers are not all the same  Offer the same product, but in a different way  Employers are all the same until proven unique Employers  Employer Brand – An organization’s reputation as an employer  Employer Branding – The process of promoting an employer as a great place to work Why is Employer Branding Important?  Attracts best talent  More engaged employees  Improves retention  Directs culture to support strategic priorities  Provides motivation  Creates brand ambassadors EVP  Why people come  Why people stay Standing out on campus  Differentiate your company  Differentiate your employer brand message  Differentiate your story Campus Relations  You cannot just show up for the career fair
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