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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Monica Belcourt

problem members The SILENT MEMBER ? For a team to be full effective, all members must participate. ? Silent members should be encouraged without being forced. The TALKER ? Talkers have something to say about everything and tend to dominate the discussion. ? They have to learn to wait their turn. ? Solution - use the ROTATION METHOD where all members take turns giving their input. Problems with Groups problem members The ARGUER ? Arguers argue for the sake of it. ? They like to argue rather than help with the progress of the group. ? Do not get into an argument with an arguer. ? If an argument does start, bring others into the discussion. ? No personal attacks. The LOAFER (social loafing) ? Work less in groups than they would by themselves since individual contributions are less noticeable ? Emphasize member responsibilities by identifying individual contributions to the group. Write them. Characteristics of Teams • Clear Purpose • Open communication • Participation • Listening • Civilized disagreement • Consensus decisions • Shared leadership • Clear rules and work assignments • Self-assessment • Not sharing issues and concerns • Overdependence on the leader • Failure to carry out decisions • Hidden conflict • Not resolving conflict • Subgroups • Social Loafing Division of duties assignment of different tasks to each member - there is no real team effor
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