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ADMS 2600 chap. 1-6

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2600
Monica Belcourt

ADMS 2600 Section I - Internet Human Resources Management Lecture 1 - The Challenge of Human Resources Management 2012-09-06 Introduction: - Human resources management, the management of people in organizations - 80% of problems at work will involve people not systems, not financial projections learn how to deal with people issues - Managers, coaches, volunteers or parents need HR knowledge Module One: Why Study Human Resources Management - In simple terms, Human Resource Management is the management of human resources that is people in an organization - In formal terms, Human Resource Management is a set of interrelated policies, practise and programs, the goal of which is to attract, socialize, motivate, maintain, and retain an organizations employee. - HR specialist helps supervisors and managers, directly and indirectly - HR helps managers to only focus on strategic managing as HR specialist deals with other things such as recruitment, compensation, benefits etc. - Competitive advantage is made through people. The selection of employees is quite important, hiring the right people - HR practise can save costs, manage turnover and absenteeism - HR practices can also make more productive employees, doing things faster, better or cheaper with the same amount of employees - key hr functions, selection, hr planning, compensation, performance appraisal, training all of which can be used to increase employment motivation and productivity - The most pressing competitive issues facing firms: 1. Going global 2. Embracing new technology 3. Managing change 4. Managing talent or human capital 5. Responding to the market 6. Containing costs Module Two: Competing, Recruiting and Staffing Globally - Canadian companies are being encouraged to produce more goods for export, Canadian dollar began to climb, and after a decade Canadian manufacturers have to find other ways to compete instead of just finding ways to being the lowest cost producers. - U.S.A. and Mexico have a direct link to Canada; 70%-85% Canadian jobs are affected by international competition - Globalization The trend towards opening up foreign markets to the international trade and investment. - Trade agreements that impact Canada: NAFTA, EU, APEC, WTO - Corporate Social Responsibility Module Three: Embracing New Technology - Knowledge workers planning, decision making, and problem solving. - More of a service society work with your brain instead of focusing on physical labour manufacture. Screwing bolt into car, and knowing how to program a robot to do that task for you - HRIS Human Resources Information System a computerized system that provides current and accurate data for purposes of control and decision making. - Manage recruitment, payroll and benefits, absenteeism and even guide managers on how to do performance appraisals - Benefits: - Store and retrieve of large quantities of data - Combine ad reconfigure data to create new information - Institutionalization of organizational knowledge - Easier communications - Lower administrative costs, increased productivity and response times. Module Four: Managing Change - Reactive change a change that occurs after external forces have already affected performance - Proactive change tries to predict the future needs of their consumers and modify the product line accordingly - Managing change through HR formal change management programs help to keep employees focused on the success of the business - Re-engineering or outsourcing, are examples of the changes - Why change efforts fail look at slide!!! Module Five: Managing Talent or Human Capital - Human capital knowledge and skills that your company values, you can walk out of your company any day and enter the competition company with the newly gained knowledge with you. - Creation of Knowledge - some companies hire the best business students - Utilization of knowledge not using the human capital they have under-utilized skills of immigrants - Application of knowledge Module Six: Responding to the Market - HRM systems can help make products and services better, faster and cheaper - TQM set of principles and practices to understand customer needs, doing things right the first time and striving for continuous improvement, changing employee motivation, corporate culture and employee training - Six Sigma a process used to translate customer needs into a set of optimal tasks that are performed in concert with one another used to decrease defects, improve cycle time and increase customer satisfaction, - A rigorous problem solving model that use statistics to achieve these goals, - Sigma means deviation from a standard - Reengineering and HRM sitting down and rethinking how everything is done, try to imagine how we could reengineer our university, to achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, service, and speed. Module Seven: Containing Costs - Downsizing the plant elimination of jobs - Outsourcing - Employee leasing - Productivity enhancement Question: Why do companies cut jobs? A) Only to save money B) Only to focus on the core business C) To save money and focus on core business - To save money and get rid of divisions that is no longer a part of the strategic direction of the organization, even if they are profitable. - Some companies may get rid of a division while investing in another division, creating new jobs at the same time, ex. CIBC got rid of its insurance division as it wanted to focus on banking - Many hidden costs of layoffs look at slides for a list! - No lay-off policy in organizations have benefits as well look at slides for a list! - Outsourcing employees lose their jobs but companies can get the same services at lower costs so it results in cost savings process of contracting outside the organization for what was formally done by internal employees, Ex. cafeteria and office cleaning, as well as payroll and training - Off shoring sending work formally done by Canadian employees to other countries, any job that can be done electronically and repetitively are at risk. Ex. Legal work ex. Indians can speak English and understand the British Law System. Also off shoring is commonly seen in call centres. - Employee Leasing The process of dismissing employees who are then hired by a leasing company (which handles all HR-related activities) and contracting with that company to lease back the employees. Productivity Enhancements - Performance is a function of motivation, environment and ability - Much of this course deals with recruiting and selecting people with the right ability or training them for increased abilities and then creating an environment in which they are motivated to achieve. Module Eight: Demographic and Employee Concerns - Demographics are important to HR managers because the nature of the Canadian population directly impacts the nature of the labour pool, for which employers select employees. - Diversity of backgrounds 3.5 million immigrants arrived in the last 15 years, 70% of labour force growth, - Countries include: China, India, Philippines, and Pakistan - Maybe in the future the large section of whites will become smaller - Organizations are interested in recruiting from this diverse labour pool because they want the faces of their employees to reflect the faces of their customers companies are embracing diversity for business reasons - Age distribution of employees younger workers are dropping for retail, hospitality, and restaurant jobs - Hire a lot of young people to do entry level jobs at minimum wage. Older workers have lower absenteeism, and lower accident rates, higher job satisfaction scores - Gender distribution of the workforce women are 43% of the workforce, develops the importance of work and family issues results in work sharing telecommuting, assisting child & elder care, part-time employment and family leaves. - Rising levels of education education can increase income that you can earn, elder people lacking literacy and numeracy skills as well as technological skills are finding difficulties with jobs in society. Do you have the right to a job? - Employers can no longer guarantee a job for a life even for outstanding performers. There is no legal obligation for them to employ you for a long time. Module Nine: Qualities of Human Resources Managers Responsibilities: - HR managers are responsible for advising and counselling, can avoid costly mistakes, managers do not encounter this task, HR managers do. - HR professionals write recruiting advertisements, pre-screening candidates, scheduling interviews and designing and giving training courses. Also make surveys to learn about job satisfaction. Competencies: - Business mastery understand business; accounting, finance, where the organization is going and what human assets it needs to get there - HR mastery- competent in training, labour relations, compensation, benefits and selection - Change mastery knows how to implement a program know shock and side effects are devastating when removing a division from an organization - Personal credibility develop credibility, trust and respect by providing high quality services and being fair HR as a Profession: - Membership in a Professional Organization Association for HR Professionals - Certification has education and training in the field, tested to see if students have the knowledge for the position. Go to: the Canadian Counsel of Human Resources Association website and then click on PARC (Professional Assessment Resource Centre) shows how to prepare for the exam then become CHRP (Certified Human
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