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ADMS 4495
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Driving forces that have lead to the increased use of teams Customer Service Competition Information Age Globalization CSfrom transaction to relationships need teams to become experts on client needs and relationship development Competition Large Org require Market Dominance to survive this leads to need for specialization of knowledge Information Age changes role of manager no need for mgr to be the expert now facilitator need to have team who are expertswho can execute on the knowledge Globalization lead to relationship models of business outsourcing expertise contract management there is no need to be in house any more or to retain all knowledge in house A team is an Interdependent collection of individuals who share responsibility for a specific outcomes for their organizationsA team is a group that is interdependent in respect to InformationResources Skills Seek to combine efforts to achieve a common goal 5 key characteristics of a team 1 Shared Goal Produce outcomes collective responsibility collective rewards 2 InterdependentCannot achieve the goal single handilyDependent on expertises of othersInterdependent on information resources skills3 Bounded Identifiable membershipMembers as well as non members know who is in the group 4 Stable over Time Are togetherlong enough to accomplish a goal 5 Authority to manage own workinternal processAutonomy to determine how things get done A highly functioning group can compensate for a deficit in knowledge skills and abilities but a group of highlytalented individuals who cannot work together will rarely perform efficiently and effectively Moderately skilled members with good interpersonal skills will accomplish more than experts without interpersonal skills Hackmandoes mention that there are times when management will keep on a highly expert even when they do not have good interpersonal skills because the expertise is hard to come by TV show house is an example disruptive behaviours but kept on I had a discussion with a friend of mine who is a senior mgr of a training department in an government agencyshe had a new hire that she was having trouble with there were complaints from others about how she spoke to people on the phone she was late with her work and she seemed to not have the quality of work that was required The manager worked with her but there was little improvement she was put on an additional probation period for improvementbut this did not workmy friend and I discussed various reasons why things may be turning out the way that they were and we discussed the impact of letting her go Ultimately the mgr gave her a permanent contract because the woman had the expertise they were looking for and she felt that they would be able to resolve some of the work problemsSelecting 4 d teamsSelecting individuals for teams requires the consideration of issues seldom considered when selecting individualsNeed to consider facets of performanceContextual activities that support the organizations social and psychological environmentcan anyone provide an example of contextual skills sets Task activities formally recognized as part of the job Team Task1 What is the organizations overall personality how it operates 2Then you need to look for the skills which will compliment the overall organizational environment Think of the skill sets that members need to have to be able to function in the overall organizational contextRogers and Bell have two different organizational environments Bellstable company uses standardized processes allows their employees more autonomy and are more flexibleRogers created and lead by the owner entrepreneurial do not use standardized processes are more rules oriented more rigid and restrictive Less flexible less autonomy uses more manager led teams with limited autonomyRogersbecause
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