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Lecture 3

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ANTH 1120
Rebecca Jubis

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Ethics: * a system of moral principles * branch of philosophy dealing with values and motives * the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or group of persons * the science of morals * a particular system of principles and rules concerning duty, whether true or false; rules of practice in respect to a single class of human actions; as political or social ethics APA Code of Ethics General Principles A) Beneficence and Non-Malfeasance B) Fidelity and Responsibility C) Integrity D) Justice E) Respect for Rights and Dignity CASE 1 One of the assignments in a fourth-year sociology course on research methods requires that students maintain a personal diary on family interactions to which a structural analysis is subsequently applied. One of the students expresses reluctance (on personal grounds) about carrying out this assignment. The course director, convinced that the research procedures are acceptable and sensitive to the pedagogical benefits of the assignment, urges the student to conduct the study. CASE 2 Deception was employed in a study assessing the relationship between gender-role orientation and self-esteem. Research subjects, prior to participation, were informed of the requirements and purpose of the experiment to the extent possible given the deception component. Freedom to withdraw from the study, at any time, was emphasized. Following an assessment of gender-role orientation, all female subjects, irrespective of their actual performance, were told their score
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