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Class Notes for INTL 4400 at York University

Strategic Management for International Business

INTL 4400 Lecture Notes - Experience Curve Effects, Kfc, Critical Role

providesChapter 2 General Environment: general elements in the external environment that have bearing on the company competitive environment: produce similar products and services, sell to similar customers, and use simi...

INTL 4400
David Weitzner
INTL 4400 Lecture Notes - Income Statement, Mass Customization, Future Shop

cost: the sacrifice made, usually measured by the resources given up, to achieve a particular purpose. • expense: the cost incurred when an asset is used up or sold for the purpose of generating revenue. ◦ ...

INTL 4400
David Weitzner
INTL 4400 Lecture Notes - Path Dependence

• Think of a company as a bundle of resources • the key to competitive success, is having processes, systems, intangible resources, people that give you: ◦ casual ambiguity ◦ path dependency ◦ ...

INTL 4400
David Weitzner
INTL 4400 Lecture Notes - Swot Analysis, Perfect Competition, Vertical Integration

1st Class Efficiency vs effectives: doing things right vs doing the right things = there is often a tradeoff because what you want to do is too expensive so you can't choose the most cost effective thing. BP - restoring ...

INTL 4400
David Weitzner
OrgDesign Lecture.docx

Org Design • org design should support overall strategy • if rigid and structured, type of strategy is limited Case • What was the driver of the fraud? what caused it? ◦ how do you control a senior manager who th...

INTL 4400
David Weitzner
Permachart - Marketing Reference Guide: Liberal Democracy, Illiberal Democracy, Representative Democracy

Political Science2 Political Science3 permacharts TM WHAT IS POL...

Political Science
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