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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3480
Philip Blackford

LEADERSHIP TERMS EXERCISE/HANDOUT What do the following words/phrases conjure up in your mind in the context of leadership? • servant leadership • leading from the back of the line • drawing on your “trust” account • leading by example • process vrs. Task three categories behavioural: leadership on a continuum (autocratic, abdocratic, democratic*) situational situational: conditional Situational Leadership Model (Hersey & Blanchard) Successful leaders are those who can adapt their behaviour to meet the demands of the situation. The shifting focus on task and relationship (direction and interpersonal support) is a reflection of the maturity of the working relationship/group. S1 Emphasis on task allows follower to feel comfortable in a role, clear that there is a structure in place and that direction will be given. S2 Emphasis shifts to equal balance of task and relationship as leader tries to have followers begin to take ownership for goal. Philip Blackford Outdoor & Experi
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