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The Meaning of Life-Swenson

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

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Sept1411Lecture 3 Theological answers to the meaning of lifeSwensonif we only live in the moment as animals do then we have no eternal life you can translate this into philosophy of mind Different types of consciousness The difference between us and animals The distinction he is talking about is when we are living in the moment it is the self unextendedThinking of yourself in the future is the extended view of self this is essential to thinking of the meaning of life To ponder the meaning of life you need an extended self he makes a distinction between preparation for the external life for example career and preparation for the internal life which is much more fundamental What is the internal life He calls is it a view of life The word weltanschauung comes into play which means worldview the most important is developing our world view you ought to be putting more effort into a view of life rather than a careerit is a principle of living a spirit and an attitude capable of maintaining its unity and identity with itself the importance is knowledge of yourself It works from the inside out this words with a famous quotation from Socrates the unexamined life is not worth living Swenson has a problem when it comes to world view The problem is the use of the world knowledge If you do conceptual analysis you will find that in everyday life we use this word in a number of ways In science law business The word knowledge means beyond a reasonable doubt based on logic Not everyone uses this word in this context When it comes to welt Not everything fo
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