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2013 Domestic Work- Choice or Coercion? Hooks and Frye.docx

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PHIL 2500
Linda Carozza

Domestic Work: Choice or Coercion? Wednesday, March 20 th Theorists- -Hooks pp. 96-107 -Frye pp. 52-83 Potential exam question- Opting out-not a free feminist choice? Should be able to argue using Stone and Coooperberg- use their inconsistencies. Hooks What would Hooks change to make opting out more feminist friendly. So Hooks would say that women themselves need to value their own work, not just those who are in power to value it. -Western society says that careerism is the most valuable. Need to be an ideological change- what we value needs to change. We need to deconstruct capitalist patriarchy. Ideas that her theory rests on- (1)Low wage work (factory or service work) they are not meaningful, creative jobs that lead to freedom or satisfaction. Physically exploitative. (2)psychologically exploitative. Women receive the message via sexist ideology that their work in the labour force is not valuable or contributes to society. It’s it out of financial necessity for themselves, but their not contributing to society at large. Full- time or career paths, they are considered good or contributing. If a woman does work it’s out of financial/material necessity for themselves, but not for society. (3) Difference between basic human needs (physical and mental) to be content and actual financial independence for women. Types of work that don’t exploit, but that doesn’t mean that a woman is financially independent. -example- we can put a price on housework and childrearing, but won’t lead to financial independence for women. -Affirmative action- visible minorities, a problem for them, employers could satisfy affirmative action by hiring women. Further marginalize minorities. More oppressive to minorities, taken away opportunities for them. Might create more of a hierarchy. Feminist agenda’s like this are a threat to some. Can be more oppressive to those who are visible minorities. Question: Discuss whether or not affirmative action is negative or positive? Is it an oppressive? List of a feminist approach to work- -Should end poverty for all women. -Ending economic exploitation of women. -Support welfare and welfare reform. Stop viewing them as parasitic. Recognizes subjugation and unfairness, get rid of the ideology that those who receive welfare are lazy, worthless. We need to look at why people need welfare. It’s usually a degrading process to get welfare. Creativity over jobs-example, job sharing, high income jobs get shared between people. Creativity over what jobs look like. Allocation of money- learn how to manage the money they get. Resisting compulsions into consumerism (it’s political- b
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