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Abnormal Psych Lecture 5

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Feb 2 2012 Somatization Disorder Recurring multiple somatic complaints with no known physical cause the stress results in physical symptoms reverse Most empirical DSMIIIleast practical since there were so many symptoms that can occur 35 see below Earlier versions of the DSMlisted 35 symptomscriteria for diagnosis was 13 out of 35 Revised for the DSMIV4 pain symptoms in different locations 2 gastrointestinal symptoms diarrheavomiting 1 sexualgenitalreproductive symptom 1 pseudoneurological symptoms pseudo bc there is no correlate of the symptom with a neurological problem Pain clinic from MMPI examples shown in class of clusters of ppl who had car accidents Pain disorderchronic pain54Normalignoring emotional concerns23Depression18Overendorsement of psychopathologyinvalid5Dissociative identity disorderControversial conditionMultiple Personality Disorder people who experience such a terrible trauma will dissociate from that identity and have another one alter egoNot schizophrenia which is the splitting of the mind not the personalityHerschel Walker Teased as youngsteroverweightspeech impediment Football starrunning backHeinemann trophy winner
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