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Lecture 5

PSYC 3430 Lecture 5: PSYC 3430 June 13 lec 5

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PSYC 3430
Peter K.Papadogiannis

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PSYC 3430 June 13: Power with people = effective Power over people = not effective Are leaders made or constructed? --> Nature vs nurture debate --Answer is BOTH Leadership has both physical and biological components Biological? --> Influences leadership through gender (males usually seen as leader figure). Taller, more masculine. -Your personality -How deep your voice is -Whether you're looking up or down at the person NOT ALL GROUPS HAVE LEADERS *** (EXAM QUESTION) HOWEVER --> AS GROUPS BECOME MORE DYNAMIC --> LEADERS BEGIN TO EXIST AND THE GROUP BECOMES MORE EFFECTIVE Do people resist their leaders? --> Yes BUT not if they're effective -We celebrate leadership if its done well -Ex. Holidays (Victoria Day) - Pope, he goes somewhere, millions follow just to see him. - They don't resist people who are effective Are leaders important and influential? --> IF it is done effective, it is extremely important Kaiser's study: Manager affects day-to-day operations of the group they are managing. Leader thinks about the group as a whole, in the future. Manager deals with the WHAT aspect of what is to be done Leader deals with the HOW it is to be done The leader wont be talking to every person to see if they arrived on time. They wont be handling the day to day, even though they will be aware of it. *** Leadership effectiveness: Looking at the outcome of the group Leadership emergence: From within the group, gradually achieves a leadership position --affective/relational (social) -- MORE ON SLIDES GREAT MAN THEORY: Physical and psychological traits (Back to the deep voice, tall, well dressed, man, older etc. ) The DNA of leadership: --High energy -- Aggressiveness -- Dominance -- Self-Reliance This is not s
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