HDF 110 Lecture 11: Week 11 Notes (2)

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5 Dec 2019
Week 11 Notes: Disabilities
Oppression of People with Disabilities
Determining mental capacity done differently in each state
Some states leave decision to a judge, and other states have jury decide
Main Laws to Help Protect Discrimination Against People with Disabilities
ADA = American with Disabilities Act
provide fair and appropriate employment, public transportation, public access,
and telecommunications
EMPLOYMENT: employers cannot discriminate against person based on
disability, and they must make accommodations for people with disabilities
PUBLIC SERVICES: public transportation and places of public access (schools,
stores, restaurants, libraries, parks, daycare centers, etc.) should be accessible
to people with disabilities; places must follow state-regulated building codes
TELECOMMUNICATIONS: telecommunication companies must provide services
for hearing and speech impairments; cannot be additional charges for these
IDEA =Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
1975: Ed. for All Handicapped Children’s Act passed
Created to ensure kids with disabilities would have access to free and
appropriate public education designed to meet unique needs
1990: law was renamed Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
4 Components of IDEA:
Nondiscriminatory & multidisciplinary assessment of educational needs:
Test children in native language
Use evaluations to prevent cultural/racial discrimination
Use assessment tools validated for intended use
Use multiple professionals to assess & make suggestions for
Individualized Education Program (IEP):
Identify current level of educational performance
Develop annual & short-term objectives
Identify related services (PT, OT, etc.)
Appropriate % of time in gen ed classroom
Annual evaluation of progress towards goals & objectives
Least Restrictive Environments (LRE):
students w/ disabilities should be educated in same classroom
as children without disabilities to max extent
Appropriate; determined by multidisciplinary team including
multiple professionals and child’s parents
Parent involvement in education of their kids
must consent for evaluation
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