MAC 143 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Satellite Television, Abc Studios, Ugly Betty

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17 Oct 2018
MAC 143 Lecture 9: Post-Network Era: From a Mass to a Niche Nation
Exam #3
I. The Post-Network Era
A. Definition
1. Period in history when big 3 networks increasingly lost their control over
2. Oligopoly broken down
B. Factors behind the End of the Classic Network Era
1. New competitors/modes of distribution
a) Viewers didn’t necessarily have to watch the big 3 anymore
(1) Cable, new networks
2. New technologies
a) Direct broadcast satellite
b) VHS tape technologies
(1) People can use TV for more than just watching the network
(2) Record shows to watch later
3. The rise of niche marketing
a) Move from mass media to niche audiences
b) Change in what advertisers were interested in
4. Re-regulation
a) Fin-syn rule
(1) Keep networks from trying to strongarm programs
(2) Broke the firewall between networks and studios after fin-
syn ended
II. Major TV/Cable Industry Roles/Players Today
A. Broadcast/Terrestrial Stations
1. Commercial
a) O&Os
b) affiliates (WLWT, WCPO, WKRC, WDNT, WHIO, etc)
c) independents (WBTI, etc)
2. Public television (WCET, WPTD, etc)
a) Serve the public and not for profit
B. Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW)
C. Multi-System Operators (MSO’s—Comcast, Time Warner, etc)
D. Cable Channels (ESPN, HBO, WTBS, HGTV, BET, etc)
1. Channels not networks
a) Works with MSOs and send to satellites that then are delivered
through affiliate stations
E. Program Producers (studios like Harpo Productions [Oprah, Dr. Phil], Pie Town
Productions (House Hunters, Designed to Sell], Touchstone Television [Ugly
Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost]
F. Online Portals
1. Streaming services
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