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Class Notes for Italian at University of California - Santa Barbara

ITAL 20X Lecture 1: LECTURE Midterm

9.28.17 Italian Culture Overview I. Italian Stereotypes A. Cars and...

ITAL 20X Lecture 2: Lectuer Final

10.31.17 I. Italy and Europe A. What is the European Union? 1. Post...

ITAL 20X Lecture 1: Post Midterm Lecture

Italian 20X FINAL STUDY GUIDE 3 Essay Questions, 200 words 1 Extra ...

ITAL 20X Lecture 17: Ital 20x Notes

Italy: The Road Ahead Political change has divided Italy ...

ITAL 20X Lecture 16: Ital 20x Notes

Textbook Ch 10 Milan Politics, family, culture influenced by ...

ITAL 20X Lecture 15: Ital 20x Notes

Textbook Ch 9 Crema Authors hometown Medium sized city...

ITAL 20X Lecture 14: Ital 20x Notes

Sardinia One of the two biggest islands in Italy; directly we...

ITAL 20X Lecture 13: Ital 20x Notes

Textbook Ch 7 Naples Western part of Italy Beautiful c...

ITAL 20X Lecture 12: Ital 20x Notes

Textbook Ch 6 Bank Dont know which line will get to the teller...

ITAL 20X Lecture 11: Ital 20x Notes

Terraferma contd Mother wants to demolish fishing business & r...

ITAL 20X Lecture 10: Ital 20x Notes

Italy: A History of Migration Only recently Italy is a countr...

ITAL 20X Lecture 9: Ital 20x Notes

Italy and Europe Founders of lasting peace & prosperity: Konr...

ITAL 20X Lecture 8: Ital 20x Notes

Textbook Ch 5 Countryside Italians like bright colors, especi...

ITAL 20X Lecture 7: Ital 20x Notes

Textbook Ch 4 Train station Train is important bc most used ...

ITAL 20X Lecture 6: Ital 20x Notes

Culture of Organized Crime 4 Southern Italian Crime Syndicate...

Italian Grammar - Reference Guides

permacharts TM IItalian Grammar ...

All Professors
Italian Verbs - Reference Guides

permacharts MT IItalian...

All Professors

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