9 Feb 2018

I need help correcting the paragraph below (filling in the bold words- using the answer choices given at the bottom):

The explanation of the male tortoiseshell cat has two components: one is that it is tortoiseshell, and the other is that it is a male. The former is explained by the fact that the cat has both an X and a Y chromosome and is hemizygous at a fur color locus on the X-chromosome. Because of the X-chromosome-inactivation mechanism of dosage compensation in mammals, one of these chromosomes is randomly chosen for inactivation early in development in a cell-independent manner. Thus the animal is mosaic forSRY gene expression, resulting in expression of one X-linked fur-color allele in some cells and the other in other cells. The second component, that the cat is male, is explained by the fact the cat has both an X and a Y chromosome , which contain(s) the SRY which determines male sexual development. Thus, the XXY cat is a male that is mosaic for X-linked gene expression, resulting in a male tortoiseshell cat.

Answer choices: (used onece, more than once, or not at all) has two X chromosomes, has a Y chromosome, has both an X and a Y chromosome, hemizygous, homozygous, heterozygous, Y-chromosome, X-chromosome, X and the Y chromosomes, dosage compensation, gene compensation, allele compensation, early in development, late in development, cell-independent, cell-autonomous, cell-interdependent, autosomal, Y-linked, X-linked, testosterone gene, PAR, SRY

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Jarrod Robel
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9 Feb 2018

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