19 Jul 2019


a.) Are viruses that infect Archaea different from other bacterial viruses?

Yes, they do not have protein coats because of the extreme conditions where they live.
No, they consist of nucleic acid and protein just like other bacterial viruses.
Yes, the structure of archaeal viruses is always completely different from other bacterial viruses.

Yes, they have only DNA genomes.

b.) Of the following examples, which is not a common part of many viral life cycles?

The pox virus genome is replicated by DNA polymerase.
Adenoviruses attach to the cell and the nucleocapsid is taken up by the cell.
Pox viruses replicate in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Once an adenovirus virion is inside a cell, host RNA polymerases transcribe early genes

c.) Some viruses are associated with cancer. There are a variety of ways in which viruses may affect a cell in a way that may lead to cancer. Based on your knowledge of the life cycles of viruses and of molecular genetics, what is one way that this might happen?

Viral genetic material inserts into a host genome close to the termination sequence, far downstream of the promoter, and causes a silent mutation.
Viral genetic material inserts into a host genome in a repetitive noncoding region.
Viral genetic material inserts into a host genome, placing a promoter in a new location and turning on a gene that had previously been turned off.
Viral genetic material inserts into a host genome and causes a mutation in a promoter, turning off a gene that had previously been turned on.

d.) Which statement describes the difference between the normal neuron protein PrPC and the pathogenic version PrPSc?

PrPC is just a protein and the PrPSc is a protein with nucleic acid inside.
The PrPC protein contains more beta sheets while the PrPSc protein contains more alpha helices.
The three-dimensional conformation is identical, but the amino acid sequence is different.
The amino acid sequence is identical, but the three-dimensional conformation is different.

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