14 May 2018

What are transcription factors? In which groove would you expect them to bind on DNA?

How do the genome, transcriptome and proteome compare in complexity? Which of the following would you expect to be in the exome; introns, exons, 5’ UTRs, 3’ UTRs, promoter sequences?

You are comparing sequences among different species, and you find some sequences are highly conserved. What would you predict would happen if a mutation occurs in a sequence that is highly conserved evolutionarily?

If you discover a highly conserved sequence that is 5’ to the start of transcription, what would you expect mutations in that sequence to do?

a. Reduce fitness

b. Alter gene expression

c. Alter the structure of a protein or proteins

d. All of the above

e. a) and b), but not c)

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Hubert Koch
Hubert KochLv2
14 May 2018
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